Writing is a process of discovery. It’s a journey of self-discovery and internal reflection. That in itself makes this process a hard and lonely road to travel. Just ask any aspiring writer or accomplished author.

While you will travel it alone, you won’t be alone. The writing process makes many quit because some just can’t comprehend the process for one reason or another. Many more, though, feel they have to write the next great award-winning novel. There are many reasons why a person should write, but I can tell you glory and fame are not on that list.

Welcome to my journey at mdpitman.wordpress.com. It will be an ever-changing blog as I discover what I want to be and what will be posted on this. For now, you will see a lot of my short stories. They are works in progress and likely will be edited, re-edited and re-edited.

All of my stories are under on the Posts tab, but for easy accessibility to individual stories, they separated on the Short Stories tab.

Eventually, I plan to post blog entries about my journey, my self-discovery and if any of my works become published.

I’ve been a reporter since 1999 covering local governments in Southwest Ohio, so writing creatively is easy and challenging. I know the basics, but it’s a completely different world.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions or general comments. And most importantly, thanks for visiting.

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  1. Thanks for followin’ Cold. Right back atcha.

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